Lisa Tara Hooper: A Profile

Lisa Tara Hooper is the owner of L. Tara Hooper and Associates Inc., a training and consulting business in Brantford, Ontario. She has her Bachelor of Applied Arts degree as well as several diplomas and certificates. Using the combination of her education and life experiences, Lisa brings unique insights into all the work she does.

Lisa was born with cerebral palsy and she has endured many challenges in her search for employment and self-employment, ultimately with success. Her courage and determination have been qualities essential to conquer adversity and overcome obstacles that lie in her path.

Along her journey, there have been a mixture of unpleasant and pleasant experiences and the former are usually the result of misunderstanding, lack of awareness surrounding disability and people feeling awkward around someone who has a disability. Lisa found many difficulties as she searched for employment. During her search, she found there was no information available that acknowledged what she was going through as a job seeker with a disability. This was a source of tremendous frustration for her and no one could seem to relate to her experience.

As well, Lisa encountered a combination of devastating experiences both in the workplace and personally. She ultimately succumbed into a deep depression. Courageously, Lisa sought help for her depression and began to see a flicker of light and with that began to feel hopeful again.

Undaunted by the obstacles and adversity Lisa encountered, she is a firm believer that one person can make a difference, each of us can make a difference. With that philosophy in mind, Lisa decided to start her own business to assist people with disabilities create their own future. Lisa’s journey is one of hope, courage and inspiration. She uses her creativity and insight to move through difficult times. Lisa has dedicated her career to helping people with disabilities create their own passion and niche in life.

“Even the most devastating experiences can help us discover our passion in life. I believe it is our passion about something that drives us, that pushes us beyond our limits to succeed, to go beyond what even we thought possible.”

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